Mountain State LPN to BSN

  1. I'm a currently practicing LPN interested in Mountain State University's LPN to BSN program. I live just outside Huntington, which hosts one of the cohorts.

    Anyone already in MSU's LPN to BSN program? Anyone have any information to share, particularly cost and length of program? Any info you pass my way is appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   gitterbug
    Knew a couple of nurses who went there, sort of pricey, but not too bad. They enjoyed it and felt it met their needs as working mothers. Good luck.
  4. by   Noryn
    That was my first college, although I didnt do my nursing program there. I went there in the early 90s right before it had a major growth explosion. The main sticking point is the cost, it is outrageous. From what I hear though they do offer convenience in these programs. I would also contact the state board and get their passing percentage on the NCLEX which is as important as cost.
  5. by   DaughterofRuth
    I came to this board today looking for info on MSU and here it is! I was looking over their website yesterday and I thought I remembered tuition was $200/cu. I wonder why people think this is expensive? I live in Hagerstown and my other options for BSN are Townson State at Hagerstown @ $225/cu or Univ of MD at Shady Grove at ~ $250/cu. What schools are you comparing it to??
  6. by   LightCommaStix
    Look a little closer at MSU's website. Tuition for general courses is $200/hour plus "general fees" of $60/hour, for a total of $260/hour.

    And it gets better. Nursing courses are $320/hour. With the "general fees", it comes to a total of $380/hour for a nursing course. I'm accustomed to Marshall University with $160/hour tuition across the board.


    Regular Tuition and Fees
    Undergraduate Tuition - $200 per credit hour
    (traditional and independent study)

    General Fees - $ 60 per credit hour
    (traditional and independent study)

    OFAD and HLTH courses-$280 per credit hour

    Tuition for Selective Enrollment Programs

    Nursing $320 per credit hour
    Copied and pasted from
  7. by   DaughterofRuth
    Ahh thanks for pointing that out - I knew I was missing something!
  8. by   LightCommaStix
    No problem. At least you found out now, before you've signed up for the program!