Looking forOpionion of West VA University Nursing Schools

  1. Is West Virginia University a good nursing school? Please respond with your opinions!
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    Are you undergraduate or graduate? I graduated from WVU with my BSN and I am now in my second semester of the MSN program. I live in-state so the tuition is very affordable. As far as the undergraduate program, I think it is a good program. I returned to school as a non-traditional student who had not previously finished college. None of my previous math or science courses were able to be used for graduation and I had to retake these classes. I feel that it was more difficult to get admitted to the program at the time when I was accepted (2010). However, I think there are now two cohorts, fall and spring, each year. I worked full-time while completing the program and was able to complete the program using the accelerated program- you apply after your first year and if accepted, you complete two summer terms and graduate a year early. I was supposed to graduate in May 2013, but graduated in August 2012. The program uses ATI throughout the program in preparation for the NCLEX. I passed the NCLEX on my first attempt with 75 questions and felt well-prepared.

    As mentioned earlier, I am now working on my MSN. I am almost finished with my second semester and I am working full-time. I am completing the program using the accelerated part-time option. I will complete the program in eight consecutive semesters, instead of five for full-time or ten for part-time. It is manageable, but I now wish that I would have chosen the full-time track. If working full-time, it is suggested to complete the program using the accelerated part-time or traditional part-time track.

    One thing I dislike about WVU's School of Nursing program is that it uses a seven-point grading scale (A= 93-100, B= 86-92, etc), whereas every other college at the university uses a ten-point scale (A= 90-100, B= 80-89, etc). There is also the requirement that you must maintain at least a 3.0 gpa.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.