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Hello....I am new here, but not new to nursing....I have been an LPN for 20 years, and am currently employed as a surgical techologist....I have also just started back to school at Mountain State... Read More

  1. by   kenyohunt1
    hello all I attend MSU also. I live in clarksburg but go to school in charleston. I am in the second semester as well. We have a really great and patient instructor for this semester so it is not as hard as I originally thought it was going to be. I hope to keep in touch with all of you maybe share info and experiences helps keep the spirit up at any rate.
  2. by   barefootlady
    Just a reminder to all the nursing students, many of the staff nurses on the different units you will be visiting may seem cold, aloof, and unfriendly. Please try to remember, they see many people everyday, patients, family members, and visitors not counting physicians, interns, other dept staff. Most of them are just really busy and have their minds focused on the patient and the task at hand. You know if you have spent much time in the hospitals here, staffing is topsy-turvy, so please do not assume they are not interested in your questions or in helping you. They are just busy in most cases.
    I applaud the students who have a good instructor, one who "knows" the pulse of the floor, some of the staff, and makes realistic assignments. Too many times I have seen students flounder due to lack of guidance and simple instructions. REMEMBER, if you are not sure of a med, a treatment, or an activity, do not proceed without checking with the nurse assigned to that patient. It sometimes makes for a bad day when you cannot go about your assigned tasks but doing no harm to the patient is more important than your time schedule. I know your instructors have given you instructions not to bother the nurses, but too often, the instructor has a limited view of what the patient is really about and only the nurse can give you some of that all important inside information.
    I am sure most of you will do fine, just remember when you do not know for sure what is going on with the patient, or if a doctor has a special way of doing things, ask the nurse. You will be surprised, most of the nurses are willing to help, they just need to know you have questions.
  3. by   kenyohunt1
    hello wnated to know if anyone is or has attended mountain state univ. lpn-bsn program? I am in my 3rd semester and wanted to know what the nursing part of the program ( semesters 5-8 ) is like. How many times a week do you attend class and clinicals. Really any info would be appreciated. thanks