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    Quote from barefootlady
    Hi Everyone;

    I have been off for over a week. I think we all have an idea of what issues here in WV we, as nurses, have to face and are facing each day. Yes, the pay SUCKS. Yes, administration is not interested in hearing our problems. It is our job to be more vocal
    and more active in the policy making committee's in our various
    institutions. We need to speak up in staff meetings about issues that effect our practice. We need to brain storm and use this forum to support each other. Just some idea's.

    You have no idea how much I agree with this! I work per diem, so my pay is pretty good at $36/hr. However, it ISNT WORTH IT!!!! I worked down south in NC for a year before coming back home to be with family, and frankly I wish I would've stayed there. In NC I was treated with respect and valued by staff members, physicians, managers, etc. Here, if you speak up or rock the boat at all they will find any way to try to discipline you or get rid of you. We work short staffed most days and as a per diem I get none of the normal per diem benefits (I have to work holidays, I have to go to all staff meetings, I can only take 2 weeks of vacation, etc) as all I really want to do is my job and go home! Here, the physicians flip nurses off, curse at them, flat out have told me I'm 'f'ing' stupid, and if I express concerns, I get audited! The paperwork is so insane that if you get chart audited you will never pass, so of course then come the nastygrams and threatening of discipline. I have been promised things, only to be told later that I would not be getting them (I asked to be switched to AMs, they said that was ok and a month later after the schedule came out they said "sorry but no" AFTER I switched MY life around to work AMs), I work in ICU and at least twice a month I get a 3 patient assigment, and not easy assignments, usually 3 vents, 2 insulin gtts, etc. I have gotten double admissions within 15 minutes of eachother, UNSAFE! I have asked for help from fellow nurses for turning, etc, and simply get the answer of "no, I'm tired and dont want to do it." I have never been treated so badly in my life.

    Is this just my hospital/unit or is this happening elsewhere in WV? I am applying to school soon, or I would have quit months ago, and if I find out I'm in I will be traveling until school starts, as I cannot do this any longer. I agree that if EVERYONE would get together and fight for better pay and better treatment, we would get it! We are worth our weight in gold to these hospitals but we are treated more like crap on the bottom of their shoe.