Happy 100th Birthday WV Nurses

  1. Happy Birthday West Virginia Nurses! This week the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses and the West Virginia Nurses Association Celebrated 100 Years of Nursing in WV. Additionally, the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Licensed Practical Nurses Celebrates 50 Years of Nursing.

    This has been a tremendous week. First the West Virginia Center for Nursing hosted a seminar on Wednesday regarding the aging workforce. It was great! The West Virginia Nursing Education Foundation (ADDNE) held their fall meeting on Thursday and a tremendous workshop today. The workshop focused on using technology in nursing education.

    Thursday evening the WV RN Board, along with the WV Center for Nursing, held a gala celebration at the Cultural Center. Dr. Lucille Joel was the keynote speaker. Dr. Joel is Professor of Nursing at Rutgers University in New Jersery.

    The Gala was a great event and Laura Rhodes, MSN, RN, Executive Director of the RN Board is to be commended for this wonderful event. There was a harpist prior to the event, bag pipes, the Air National Guard, Governor Manchin attended, Delegate Barbara Hatfield, RN, other legislators and chamber music after the presentations. It was awsome. Laura and the Board staff did an exceptional job. I will never forget it!

    This evening the WV Nurses Association held their 100th Year Gala Celebration. Dr. Kathy Player, second vice president from the American Nurses Association was the keynote speaker. Saturday the events will conclude with speakers and events throughout the day.

    These events provided the opportunity for all nurses to come together and celebrate the remarkable profession of nursing. Again Happy Birthday to all Nurses in West Virginia!
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