CAMC-Putnum General take-over

  1. A former employee of both CAMC and Putnum General told me yesterday that CAMC will not be keeping its former employees At Putnum General after they take it over. Is there any truth to this rumor? She said she had talked to several employee and they were all telling this story. I am having a very difficult time believing this rumor. Anyone else have any input?

    I sure hope this is not true. It would make me very disappointed in CAMC.[EVIL][/EVIL]
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  3. by   Noryn
    I havent heard this but I would really be surprised if it was true. I do think there are a few people who left CAMC on bad terms and it is very possible that they wont be rehired (I dont know this, I am just guessing) but if you worked at CAMC 5 years ago and left because you didnt like it or wanted to be closer to your home I dont think they will hold that against you.

    It sucks I guess but kind of makes sense, if I had fired someone before or they left on bad terms why would I rehire them if I took a business over?
  4. by   gitterbug
    I agree with you on most of your statement, but CAMC has made some bad choices in HN's, and people may have had a big change in circumstances or in the behavior and life style, so I am more the type to give them a try. Some people get along better in a smaller facility. I just hope the every day working person gets to keep the job that has been paying their bills, not be dismissed for a past that may be resolved by now.
  5. by   Noryn
    The sad truth of the matter is that as bad as HCA is, that is not the only problem. There are a lot of good people that work for Putnam General however there are problems that need to be addressed. There has to be change, in order for the hospital to survive. There does need to be some accountability. I live close to the hospital and my doctor practices there. My life may very well be in their hands one day and I want that hospital to be the best it can not only for me but for my community as well.
  6. by   gitterbug
    I agree there needs to be change, accountability, and more oversight at PGH, and in general, most of the HCA facilities in this state. Selling them to a counterpart under the corporate umbrella of HCA was a ruse most people here understood. Most people, no matter which community they live in, want to have a confidence in their medical facilities. Be assured the physicians who practice there are competent, treatments and tests given at the highest skill levels. Costs, profits, low complicance to standards of care have been a plague to HCA for a long time. I do hope it will soon end, but as things in our state and even country stand now, there is little hope for a change soon.
  7. by   Noryn
    I have worked for a HCA facility and it was horrible but hospitals in general are so understaffed now it is really scary what poor medical care we get. I have been in nursing for around 10 years, so I can usually get a good feel for doctors and I am very pleased with my doctor here. I hope CAMC does keep their word and build the hospital up. CAMC thought bought an Oak Hill hospital a few years back and I dont think they really invested much into it, in the end selling it a few years later for a fraction of what they bought it for. I could very well be mistaken but I think they bought it for 15 million and sold it for 5 million?
  8. by   burn out
    Well it has been 6 months since the take over and pretty much all of us kept our jobs but honestly themore it changes around here the more it stays the same. I still get to work at the same time , do the same job just chart on paper since they took our computers, and go home at the same time all for just about the same amount of money. We are just now getting our census back up to where we are once again are running 9 patients in a 6 bed unit, yes we have adequate staffing ratios. I must say though without the dedication of Dr Fichter, Oschell Craigo, and Gov. Manchin I do not think there would be a hospital open and operating there today under any name.
  9. by   Noryn
    I dont know, there was a lot of interest in that hospital by Thomas and even St. Mary's so I think it would have stayed open regardless since that lawsuit slowed everything down.

    I am glad to hear the staffing is good, I know a few nurses who have started working there and I havent heard any complaints.
  10. by   gitterbug
    I am so glad to hear some things have improved since CAMC has taken over. I agree that some organization would have stepped into the breach and kept the door open. I hope going back to paper charting was not too difficult for you. I know meditach was a headache. Have a great day.