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Does anyone work there or have recently worked at this facility? My hubby is from the Buckeye-area and we'll be moving back to the area this July. I currently work in a 130-ish bed facility in PCU so WVH is similar in size to my facility. I see they routinely have PCU positions open as well as L&D where I want to end up however trying to google employee reviews of the facility/company I find lots of older reviews pre-2010 that are very, very unfavorable. The few recent ones I can find as well as reviews on Indeed are hit or miss. I know they recently acquired a new CEO and have made changes but the few recent reviews I've found focus on turnover and poor management. If need be, please PM me otherwise let me know if I should run far away or if you've heard better things than me.

Thanks in advance!


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This probably won't help much but I love West Valley as a patient. My nurses and doctors always seem friendly and happy. I live in Buckeye but even before living out here I chose to have both my babies at West Valley passing several hospitals along the way.

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I agree with amberdawn85's view of the hospital as a patient. My husband was there for a week in 2012, and he absolutely loved it. The nurses, doctors and PCTs were awesome! They all seemed very happy there, and one of the nurses encouraged me to apply for a job there.


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Did you ever work there? If so, I would like to hear about your experience.