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West Ga. Tech applicants


Anyone applying for West Ga Technical College for 2014? I applied to the Newnan campus and recently got an email saying that because of the weather the decision deadline was pushed back a week. Hubby says "its only a week" but I feel like oh my god its an extra week!!! I really hate the waiting! So I was just curious as to whether anyone else is in this particular waiting game with me.

I also applied for the summer 2014 program in Newnan. I received an email a couple days ago with my score and they said they will mail out official acceptance letters by March 13th. I'm really hoping to get in......do you know how their schedule is setup as far as classes/clinicals?

I have not been able to find any info about the classes/clinical schedules. Their website has the names and descriptions of the courses but not times. I got the email about March 13th, too. I hate the waiting!

I too have applied for the Newnan campus and received the email about waiting until March 13. The anticipation is killing me. I check my email at least every 30 minutes.

Hey guys! I have applied to the Newnan campus as well. I'm anxiously waiting for the the 13th to roll around! I wonder if they will go over class schedule and everything at the informational meeting on the 10th.

Yes the waiting it terrible!! I'm not sure what they do at the meeting but hopefully they will fill us in on the schedule and clinical sites and all that fun stuff. For now.....we wait. And wait. :nailbiting:

Has anyone heard anything? They are certainly drawing this out.

I got the email from them a little while ago. Around 3ish I think it was. Did you ever hear?

I did end up hearing about 3 as well. Good news on my end. How about you?

Good news for me too!!!! Guess I'll see you in class!

I also got in! Pretty excited......do any of you have any healthcare experience? I work at Grady as a tech:-)

I got in too! :) I am so excited! I ordered my uniform last night! Still looking for some shoes and need to get my physical and all done. I do not have any healthcare experience besides the CNA clinicals I had to do! Looking forward to it though!

Congrats everyone!! I only have medical experience from clinicals and from the externship I did at a doctors office for my medical assistant certification but that was many many years ago! Do any of you know what the lab kit is and where we get it? I think I saw one on the uniforms website but the letter in the packet said we only needed to buy the uniform from them.

Congrats to you all that got in! If you don't mind sharing, what was your gpa and test scores?

I got an 87on my TEAS and had a 4.0 GPA in my core classes. I also got an extra point for 6 months clinical experience. My competitive selection score was 92

My teas score was 85 or 86 and my gpa is 3.85. I think my competitive selection score was 89. No extra points for me.

Has anyone applied to Newnan for Summer 2015?? I just received my competitive score of 89, and the email said that I would receive word by march 5th. that seems to be slightly earlier than last year. The suspense is killing me