West Coast University. Would you recommend attending it?


So I keep hearing about how the admissions for most nursing programs are insanely competitive and they have 2-3 year waiting lists/lottery to get in. Except for West Coast University. Apparently as long as you can pay the super expensive tuition, you're in. Anyone attend or have graduated from this school? I'm just a little weary of the school's credibility cause it kinda seems like you're just buying your degree.


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I would look for a more economical nursing degree. In the same area, one can attend Western Governors University for $4250 every six months. Seventeen thousand dollars for the two years to complete the degree after doing the prerequisites in a community college, is reasonable and attainable for many.


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Hmm thanks for the suggestion. I had not considered Western Governors University before.

I wouldn't necessarily rule out West Coast University just cause of the tuition. My concern is the following:

  • Accredited by a reputable organization
  • Recognized by other schools/Able to transfer to other schools/Pursue further education at other schools
  • Recognized by employers

If it meets the following criteria, then the shortened time required to graduate and bypassing the waiting list to get into the school might be worth the high price tag. I've also heard about how they take care of every aspect of your schooling (books/tutoring/all around support/etc.) which is all very, very nice, but again doesn't mean squat if the points raised in the list are not met.


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There are pro's and con's to going to West Coast University.


No wait list

You'll be done faster

BSN degree

Some hospitals do recognize West Coast and hire their new grads


As for as a I know, only University of Phoenix will take your classes into consideration if moving onto your Masters so that classes do not transfer

It's hard for new grads to get jobs due to budget cuts and less new grad programs available so it might not matter on how soon you finish

It'll take years and years to pay off your loan (10-15 years...or 4 years if you give have your annual income)

If you need to remediate a semester/term...it costs $10,000

Books and uniform are only included because they calculate that into the cost you're paying

In my opinion...and this is just MY opinion, private school are not worth it. I did a private LVN program and quality sucked. I just started the LVN-RN bridge program at a community college and teaching is awesome. Private schools (LVN or RN) treat you like a number (money wise)...not a person. They cater to your needs so that you'll pass...which may sacrifice the quality of education received OR they might not even care because you'll pay more money if you remediate. You'll graduate with a debt close to that of a doctor but you'll be earning half of a doctor's salary. I've had friends go to West Coast and totally regret it...while only very few liked it. If YOU feel that's what you need to do, then by all means...do what you gotta do. People can tell you to go there while some (like me) say not to...it all boils down to what you feel is worth it. Wait at a multiple community colleges or universities for years but pay less...or don't wait but pay 3-5 times the amount. Good luck with your decision...and to all of you that go to West Coast...THIS COMMENT IS JUST MY OPINION...which I'm entitled to.