West Coast University 15'


Hi everyone, I am completely new to this site. I have completed all of my pre-requisites at Mount Saint Mary's University. However when I applied for admission to the program in the fall I was denied acceptance despite the fact that I have maintained an overall GPA of a 3.3 and Science GPA of a 3.14, and passing the Kaplan (which is their entrance exam). I was considering in applying for their ADN program but I decided not to because I would have to take out large amounts in private loans to cover tuition due to the fact that Financial Aid is different in comparison to the traditional program. I have been all over the place trying to decide what to do next and I came across West Coast University in the Los Angeles area. I know that I would have to take out about 50k in loans total after transferring my classes and my grants going in to complete my BSN. I believe that it is not too much of debt and that it is better to get my BSN rather then my ADN in the next two years. The only thing that scares me is that I have been hearing alot of negative things about this school. I live the L.A area and was wondering whether I should go for it or wait it out at a community college/ Cal State?