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WellStar employees

I will be starting a new job at WellStar Kennestone in May and was wondering what the dresscode was. I completely forgot to ask and would like to shop around a little before then. Thanks!

Nurses wear navy blue and/or white scrubs, techs light blue, resp is black, lab is burgundy...what unit are you working on?


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How did you get an interview? Oh, congrats by the way. Seriously, how did you get any response from them at all? I've been trying for YEARS!!!


It may be a blessing that you haven't heard from them. Seriously, sometimes we think we want something so bad, then when we finally get it, it's not at all what we expected. When I got hired here, I thought it wold be my dream job, now I'm trying my best to get out of here. Trust me when I tell you you are not missing anything!


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Really? I've been applying to WellStar for a year on and off. I've had 1 interview and that was all she wrote *so far... I'm currently a pre nursing student @ KSU - so I'm very busy trying to make the best grades to get into their BSN program.. I figured I may be able to land an externship at some point while in nursing school. I also feel that to get into WellStar as an employee that you have to know someone on the inside.... That may or may not be true. However, I'm a Navy Veteran Corpsman (medic), a Registered Medical Assistant, CPR and all that jazz and STILL can't get on board :-/

I am in KSU's nursing program. I have several classmates who have gotten externships with Wellstar. I believe they prefer actual nursing students. I really wouldn't rush trying to get in Wellstar right now until you are actually in the program. Trust me, once you are actually in the program you increase your chances of actually meeting one of the WellStar recruiters ( they come to our school to speak all the time). Try applying elsewhere, maybe a nursing home or as a sitter, if you need to work as a CNA (for money purposes). That will put something on your resume until you are ready to apply as an actual nursing student. Good luck.

Hello there!

To clarify, I am going to be in the new grad residency and the critical care fellowship. I graduated in December 2012 with a BSN from Armstrong in Savannah, passed my boards in January and applied at the end of January. I do not know anyone on "the inside," but my resume was strong (worked at Memorial University Medical Center as a PCT for 2 years while in school, class president, student member of the AACN, Sigma Theta Tau, etc). That may be why or maybe just luck of the draw. I went to general orientation today and it seems like a great place.


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