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I found this article by searching the web diligently. I was looking for someone, somewhere who was coming up with some new approaches to the nursing shortage. Here is the only recent article I could find, it is from the L.A.Times where they are feeling the shortage very severly. Any person with normal intelligence would think of these steps. Bonuses for nurses who stay instead of hiring bonuses. Special hours for nurses with children in school. You are not seeing this stuff where I live but maybe you will eventually. www.latimes.com/class/employ/silver/silv000924.htm

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This is a great article! I have been telling everyone at work for the longest time that recruitment wasn't the biggest problem a hospital faces. It is RETENTION! You have to pay to keep your best nurses and the best way if not with higher wages is to give bonuses for staying.Too many of us are lured away with promises of high bonuses and we know that most of the time we would rather stay where we are. All we sometimes need is a little recognition and a bonus at the end of the year would say, thank you for a job well done.I know this sounds a little to simple but it does sound good. Mike

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