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Well, I have a 2 year (AS Degree in Registered Nursing from Fresno City College, Cali

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:idea:Well, I have a 2 year (AS Degree in Registered Nursing from Fresno City College, California), and finished a bridge Program at California State University, Fresno, CA. (RN to BSN) for my 2nd Bachelors Degree. The first one was a B.A. in Psychology from the same University (CSU Fresno). I am glad this girl found out that a Bachelor's in Nursing is required to work in Australia! Is there a bridge (RN to BSN Program) there? Maybe, it is complicated because she was educated in the USA? Is it possible to go back to the USA and finish the RN to BSN program? It seemed easy for me when I was working Med./Surg. as a single dad at the Fresno VA Hospital and graduated in Dec., 2002. Now, my 20 years old son Sean is going there on a full scholarship there!

Then, the Air Force Reserves deployed me overseas as a Clinical Nurse (I worked with the Army on the Med./Surg. and Ortho Floors, and did some JCACHO assistance officer work) to help our Army Quality Management Chief (QM) LTC. (Masters in Nursing) help Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany pass the Hospital Accreditation which is voluntary for the U.S. Army Hospital in May, 2005! By the way, The Veterans Administration Hospital like the Fresno VA goes thorough the same accreditation ever 2 years by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals which is critical to qualify for Federal government reimbursements all the way to local city government in the USA).

Of course, what does all this experience mean to the Australian Nurses or Employers there? Could any actively working nurse or employer give me a rundown on my experience and educational requirements to be an RN there? Could I use my B.A. in Psychology to do a career change to Psychiatric Nursing there? I have also a PHN (Public Health Nurse Certification from the State of California that I never used, but received after I receive my Bachelor of Science in Nursing! Maybe, none of this is any use in Australia? Could anybody give me a run down of where foreign USA trained Registered Nurses with my background end up working in Australia?

Lee Scott, RN, PHN, BSN


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you may want to think about putting your personal information, names, email and sons name "out there". there are numerous posters that are from just the general public and "lurk" or read, it is just not a safe idea. you may want to edit some of your info.

as for what is applicable to australia i would suggest contact the board of nursing and licenses for that country and see what they require. good luck.