well flumked my math

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guess I need to study I have another week to get it right

or I go in the fall but I don't give up easily

I will get the math!!!!!!!!!!! :(

that's it farmmom! get angry! and good luck to you, you'll get it. i do my best work after i get mad. :chuckle hang in there.

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Don't let it get to you. I was an older student and knew old math and I will confess it had been 8 years since I had done any algebra. They algebra teacher was teaching new math which was different. After class I asked the instructor to help me with the old math method. She said I know old math but will not teach you that-learn new math. The only difference is in the way you set up the problem. Get this. I had to hire a tutor to work with me on old math since they refused to help me. The first time I flunked. After the tudor I passed. I feel for you 100%. Don't give up.......



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Hang in there, I too never considered math one of my strong points - it terrifies me! Our community college offers free tutoring to anyone enrolled in one of their math classes. If you have that opportunity, take advantage of it. There are lots of websites that could help and lots of computer programs as well. I'm lucky in that my 16 yr old daughter loves to show her old mom how to do an algebra problem. Keep at it and practice, practice, practice.

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