6 weeks in and circulating own case?


So I was thinking it has been six weeks since I started training in the OR. I got one day in the instrument room, and the rest of my days have been a mix between different specialties of Ortho, Gen, Gyn, and Ent. Because we only have 4 OR rooms it is not always possible to get me in the same types of surgeries in a row. So today was my first day circulating on my own. I did have another RN help set up, but she scrubbed in after the patient was settled. Everyone says I'm doing well, but I'm concerned things are moving so fast. Any thoughts?


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Is that their norm at that hospital? That is certainly going too fast. I would understand if there were just so short of staff that day that they would pull you out of orientation but that is so unfair to you. You deserve many more weeks of orientation.


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Well we are a very small hospital and short staffed. One of the girls I talked to said she had 2 1/2 months before they let her circulate on her own.


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I came from a 2 room OR, with a limited number of procedures. I was probably circulating on my own in a week or so. Circulating routine cases isn't that hard after doing it a few times. The main thing is to have back up if it hits the fan, or just gets a little off track.

I worked there for 6 months before moving and going to a level 2 trauma. Six months after that I was on the Heart Team and 4 years later Lead Heart Nurse.

This can be done, with or without help......just stick up for yourself when things are over your head/comfort level.....

Good luck


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Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.


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I guess it's different everywhere. We have 54 OR's spread across 3 pavilions. We would never let a brand new person circulate by themselves after 6 weeks. My first case completely by myself was 4 months.