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Hi all,

So I'm becoming quite disheartened. I am a new grad FNP and have been searching for jobs since May and am having a difficult time. I know as a new grad you start at the bottom of the barrel (for lack of a better phrase)...I'm ok with that. The only thing is that I have 2 young children (one with special needs) and find myself having to be at home during the week for his therapy. I have childcare during the weekend, but working during the week would be impossible as I want to play a role in his therapy. I've applied and interviewed at CVS Minute Clinics and the schedule just didn't work. I was holding out hope for a minute clinic job when I was in school. I keep looking, but am not sure that I will be able to find something and want to utilize what I went back to school for. Anyone have any thoughts on positions that I could pursue on the weekends. Currently working per diem, weekends at my staff nurse job. TIA

How about urgent care? Especially PRN if you don't need the benefits. Plus, during the week, you could sign up for shorter shifts if your schedule allows. I've talked to people who said that they sign up for 4, and 6 hour shifts sometimes. Plus weekends pay more. I would take a skills class (suturing, I&D, etc) to make you more marketable to urgent care. These classes can typically be done in 2 days.

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