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Weekend hospice nursing job


I was thinking of interviewing for a weekend hospice nursing job. I'm new to the hospice world as my experience is in OR nursing and Interventional Radiology but I'm sick of working 5 10-12hr M-F days and doing 4 days of call a week. I like the idea of having my weekdays off. How is a weekend job with hospice?

I work every other week/weekend. I come on at 5pm Friday and get off at 8am Monday. Weekends can get very busy as there are always 2-5 scheduled visits, plus the extra things that come up as people call on the weekends. There are three nurses on each weekend which helps, but it stays pretty busy. Where I am I can get called out at any time through the night too, so if I'm called out Sat night, I may get a few hours sleep before getting up Sunday and starting my scheduled visits. I love hospice though.


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I started a weekend option hospice job 8 months ago after working medsurg for 5 years and then ER for 5 years. I work saturday 0800 to monday at 0800. I have to say I do love being off all week but i'm already thinking of a career change. Weekends can be very busy and very stressful. I cover a large area often driving 150-200 miles a day and seeing 3-5 pts plus calls that come in plus "emergent" admits. It can be a very socially isolating job. I do love the freedom of hospice and it can be very rewarding but I find myself constantly doubting whether this job is for me.

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I just started a weekend on-call RN position (Fri 5p - Mon 8a). This is a newly created (full-time) position to back-up the existing weekend on-call RN. No scheduled visits. Our territory is >100 miles in any direction, so my role will be to make visits when the primary nurse is busy or too far from location that needs a visit.

I'm excited and a little nervous.


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I have worked nearly every patient care position at hospice, including weekends 8a -8p for a very large hospice provider. I had a specific geographical area. There were scheduled visits, and PRN/emergent visits. Most of the people I would see on weekends had some kind of crisis. Saturdays were almost always busier than Sundays.