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6 Week Summer A&P II Class Anyone?


Has 2 years experience.

I have recently registered for a 6 week A&P II class I'll be taking with my study buddy fom A&P I.

We will be dedicate 24/7 to this class and understand we must eat, breathe and sleep this accelerated class in order to get our target grade.

Is there anyone who has been through this process that could shine some light on their experience?

Cramming a 16 week course into 6 weeks is a little intimidating and it's being taught by an MD to boot.

Any advice would be appreciated.:bowingpur

I took AP I and II last summer, both six week classes w/ labs. And I got A's all around. Its hard, but since you are elbow deep in it you don't have time to get lazy or not study. It took a lot of time, but depending on what kind of learner you are you can find your best study methods to get you through easier. The big thing is to just review a little each day; carve out some time to go over notes you took, make flashcards. The best advice I can give is just to review, review, review. The info is not that hard, just takes some good memorization and understanding of concepts.

Best of luck!!!

I took A&P I, A&P II, and Microbiology during summer sessions. Each of them were really hard and TIME CONSUMING!!! But, I made it through each of them with A's. So, you can do it if you are determined. You will do fine.

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