websites/books to prepare for exams?

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anybody know of websites that are helpful for tests preps? i only use nclex books for now, but i feel like its not enough! :):rolleyes:


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The best way to prepare for exams,keep eyes and ears totally open and alert during lectures and clinicals and pay attention to what the lecturer is emphasizing.Buy a tap recorder.REcord the lecture and listen to it later.

All the school have their special way of preparing exams.They do not refer to NCLEX books at least in first 2 clinical terms.

Reading the books at least twice and going through the hand outs will help you better.

Also if you can form good study partners it will be highly advantagious as you will get a different perspective of the subject.

We definitely miss out when we read alone.

NCLEX books give you the idea how the questions will be formed.But your knowledge will help you to choose the RIGHT answer whatever the question may be.

Wish you good luck.

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