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Webinars for MO nurses


I'm in the final stages of opening a private duty service in MO during my journey I have found a slew of information that I would love to share in an online webinar the rules, regulations, and other information that I've learned. This wouldn't be a how to webinar but would definitely give information to get people headed in the right direction. It would mainly focus on the state of MO but could be beneficial to others I'm trying to find out how many people would be interested. I'm thinking of charging anywhere from $20-30. I'm hoping the seminar be anywhere from an hour to two hours. Would anyone be interested in attending this? Thoughts, thanks!

It would be great if you could summarize your work or where to find resources for others right here. I did just that on another nurse forum to help others start travel nurse agencies (personal ones for themselves to cut out the middleman) and it helped quite a few that I know of do just that. It feels great to give to the community, and it is a gift that keeps on giving. Some of the folks I have helped have mentioned hucksters that sell information for a hundred to several hundred dollars and my free FAQ is more valuable.

Admittedly, there are lower barriers to entry to travel nursing than a direct nursing service so it wasn't as much work as you have done I'm sure. But still, if you spend a few hours to share a portion here, lots of good karma will come your way. You might even get some valuable feedback about, I don't know, taxation perhaps you didn't research. Just speaking as someone who discovered that they had to do all the basic research themselves and decided to share their knowledge.

The amount you are charging for your webinar is trivial so I know you don't have high expectations of earnings there. But good luck to you if you were!