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Weatherford College - ADN vs LVN - Campus Options

I was planning on applying to the Weatherford College ADN program for Fall 2017, but I am starting to doubt that I have enough points. Final two pre-reqs are being completed this semester, so I only get one point each for those. Need one more class to get 3 bonus points. The rest of my points are maxed out, except TEAS which I am planning on retaking.

So my questions are -- should I try applying for the LVN and then bridging to the ADN -- this will require a flight to take the ACCUPLACER as I am currently working out of state on a contract job?

Are fewer points typical to get into the other campus locations (Bridgeport and Granbury)? Are my chances higher at those locations if I am low on points? A friend told me she got in with 26, but I am seeing others say they didn't get in with 30. HELP! Thank you!

Help -- anyone? Need info as app deadline is approaching!


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