Wearing your heart on your sleeve

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I am the type of person that unfortunately communicates a lot in my body language. My boyfriend of 5 years can literally look at me and tell me what's on my mind, and even people who barely know me normally can tell when I'm upset, angry or annoyed. Obviously, this presents a problem and I'd like to deal with it before going into the real world and possibly letting my personal life bleed over into my professional one in just my facial expressions. I find that I can typically put on a good face for planned sessions (clinicals) and am very conscious of what I'm doing with my hands and face during that time, but I know it will be harder when I'm working full-time.

Anyone else have issues with this?

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you can work on "putting on a game face", but in reality too much control might cause you more stress than if you just deal with the consequences. I guess we all need to balance faults vs. ideals.

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