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All of us nurses are smart. All this talk about RN, LPN, ADN, BSN, etc. has really got me down. No, I'm lying. Really, it bores me. I am an RN with an ADN. I am proud that I can watch ER and when my family members ask me, "what are they saying?", I can tell them, and when I don't know I make it up. Just kidding, they think I am "phat". It means cool I think. But seriously, just when I think I am really stupid, I realize we/nurses have had to learn a whole new language. Hey, even lawyers, don't have to do this. Here is an example: a.c., p.c., po, NPO, dx, CHF, HTN, DVT, DJD, COPD, UTI, URI, OD (hint to new nurses, I always remembered that one by thinking right eye - we draw with right hand), qid, bid, qd. I could go on and on. If anyone ever makes you feel stupid tell them to go put a couple of gtt of ETOH in their OS.


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nursejanedough,I am always telling my husband that most people don't understand that we literally have to learn an entire new language. My husband is getting his degree in psychology and I am always amazed at how different the curriculums are. Granted, college is no cakewalk for anyone. But when you compare learning all new information, enduring clinicals, writing careplans, learning to effectively document and evaluate pt's status (it's pretty much taken me 4 semesters to learn how to do this!), as well as all the other papers, presentations, quizzes, not to mention the grueling exams we must endure, well...you get the picture. It simply does not compare to attending class once in awhile, writing maybe 2 papers a semester, and taking exams (my husband's curriculum). We must ALL be pretty daggum smart to have made it this far, don't ya think? Go US!! smile.gif smile.gif

Have a great one, everybody!



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You forgot "PR"


If I'm ever admitted to the hospital and I see a "PR" order in my chart, you better be damn sure that even in my dazed and confused state, that "R" will be turned into an "O" by any writing utensil within my grasp!!!

heh, heh, heh (just a little humor)



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Shannon, you go girl. I have driven thru your town from Tulsa to Memphis many a time. I love that big nuclear plant on I-40, it means we are halfway home, almost, at least close to Conway, AR. Yes, you are right, nursing does include a whole new language. I have worked with many psychologists, and had to explain many abbreviations. You will be a great asset to your husband.


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Hehe. My husband is a computer consultant, recently doing work for some hospitals. He has been using me as his technical consultant. One day he yelled up to me from his computer "What's a 'ca-nol-a'?" I'm thinking, "CANOLA? Sounds like an Italian dessert" (the way he pronounced it). Then it hits me---cannula! I still chuckle! Of course, I'm lost in his world of technical jargon too.


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Hi. I'm also impressed by nurses who are above average with computer literacy skills being able to speak and read nurse-ese as well as automatically slap out power point shows on their computers. I know some that can rattle off "computer" lingo without thinking about it. By george, you're right nursejanedough, now that I think about it, I know smart AND talented nurses.

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