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I was interested in applying for Wayne County Community College nursing program. I am just curious as to what they are looking for as far as the How I plan to be successful in the nursing program. Should I write about my prior experiences which are not in the healthcare field that will make me a good candidate?

What do YOU think would help you to be successful?

First, there's the issue of paying for school. Have you got the money? Or grants, scholarships, and such? Please learn about the numerous sources of free money - not loans - available for students.

Next, what about time to study? You should probably count on spending at least 2 hours studying for every hour you spend in class. So a 3 credit course that meets 3 hours per week will require at least 6 hours of study time each week. (If you have time-consuming responsibilities, like a job or kids or a dependent elder, these can really cut into your time to study, sleep, etc.)

And that's for every course. So if you carry 15 hours, that's 30 hours of study each week in addition to going to class. That's a full time + job.

Technology - what tech will you have available? Your own computer, etc.

Study pattern - are you a group learner? More solitary? maybe just 1 study buddy?

Where will you study? in your quiet home? at the library?

When will you study? Are you someone who goes to sleep early and gets up in the wee hours and studies then? Or other?

Transportation - must be reliable; you must have at least 1 back-up mode of getting to school. 2 would be better.

Living expenses - these must be low enough that you don't have to work more than a very few hours while you are in school. Except maybe during vacations. Even then, you want to be able to get some R and R during vacations, not spend them always working.

Help from parents? Or from other people? Or are you totally on your own?

Other responsibilities - do you have young kids or anyone who is dependent upon you for frequent care and / or money?

Do you have any experience in health care? Maybe as a nurses' aide? Maybe as a receptionist or other employee of a health care facility? Or other work experience? What about volunteering in health care? If you don't, it might be good to look into this, just to be conversant on this topic.

No doubt I am forgetting some things. Take time to really think this through.

Best wishes.

What areas of Nursing interest you? Why?