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Has anyone worked as a Worker’s Comp case manager for Genex? I have an interview for a remote position and the company reviews I’ve read online don’t sound good.  What was your experience?

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I started working for Broadspire as my first WC position a few months ago. I work remotely, get paid a great base salary (plus monthly bonus opportunities), essentially set my own schedule and have a great manager. Super supportive which is essential when someone is new to the area.
While I have no experience with Genex, we use them to review claims. They have an excellent team of Senior Nurse Reviewers. If things don’t work out there, you should give us a chance. If things do work out, I would love to hear more. 


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I've worked WC case management for over 20 years and have worked for several companies including Genex. They are all similar. The work is the same. I've rarely had any issues with the adjusters or injured workers. Years ago, the doctors were harder to work with, but the younger ones are fine with the case managers. Happiness with the company is totally dependent on your supervisors. Since we are all remote you never see your co-workers anyway. If you don't mind working alone, you would probably like it.

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