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Wayne State Nursing


Is it true that Wayne State shows prefrence to students who take all pre-req's at Wayne State University when choosing students to get into their nursing program?

Yup that is correct! Have you taken all your pre-reqs at Wayne State University?


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Yes it's true, but don't let it discourage you from applying if you have attended other institutions. I myself have taken classes at several colleges (the only classes I actually did at Wayne were Micro, Organic/biochem, and Anthropology though I have taken several other courses at Wayne)

The change in admissions is fairly recent (the last 2 years). For the fall 2007 traditional class, approximately half of the admitted students fell into groups 5 and 6 (taken classes anywhere with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and no repeats, and courses taken anywhere or with repeats ranked by GPA) as per information given at the information meeting.

About half were from the higher groups 3 and 4 (all prereqs completed at wayne state, and all natural science prereqs completed at wayne)

I am not sure what the stats for this years class will be but they are admitting far fewer students this fall than last years' 88 in the traditional program. They may actually have the info for the admit stats for each group and avg GPA for this years' class at the June admission meeting.

Good luck!

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