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Wayne State CD2 Program Fall 2015



I intend on applying to WSU, OU and UD Mercy for their Accelerated Nursing Programs for Fall 2015. Lately I am scared that my grades may not be good enough. My undergrad GPA is good and my prereq GPA is a 3.5 and one retake. I have volunteered at multiple hospitals, have worked in simulation centers and currently I applied at MCC to start taking some Medical Assisting classes. For those of you out there who have been accepted to the CD2 program or not, what does your background look like? Do you think I have a good chance of getting in? I work full-time, but not in a medical setting. Any information would help! Thanks so much!!!

I did the traditional program at Wayne and had some friends in CD2. Everything you have accomplished sounds fine. Not everyone in my class or the CD2 class had 4.0's. Go for it!!!!

Thanks! I have also job shadowed an RN and have been volunteering on and off since 2009. I just hope they take some of that into consideration. Have you completed your program yet? Was your GPA good going into it?

I did complete the program. I had a 4.0 going in, but I know for a fact that wasn't the case with everyone. The interview was basic and easy. I'm sure your volunteering would help when they make their choices.

Unfortunately, they have chosen to get rid of any interviewing. Its solely based off of pre-req GPA and Undergrad GPA at WSU. They don't want a resume or anything anymore. I met with an advisor and he was kind of rude. I just don't understand how you can solely choose someone off a transcript! That would be like a job never interviewing you, but hiring based on your experience. I think for a nursing career you want to know the person who is representing your school.

I started looking at schools out of state too, just to help my options.

I was accepted into the program in 2012. My GPA was about 3.5 or 3.6. Graduated from U of M, went to med school for 2 years before leaving, then took courses at WSU just prior to being accepted. I had tons of volunteering in the past and that was pretty much it.

My interview was short and nice. They only asked if I prepared for the interview, do I have a way to travel to clinical sites, and why I wanted to become a nurse.

I graduated in May this year. Took the NCLEX in July and now am about to start a job. :)

That is one thing about Wayne State. The advisors and most everyone in the office is rude. It is nearly impossible to get an advisor to speak with you (I'm not sure what they are there for). Not to worry, I'm sure your GPA is fine.

That's exactly how I feel. That make it almost impossible to speak with anyone, and if you do theyre pretty rude about it. I've met with advisers who told me to basically forget about Nursing school when its definitely what I want to do in life. Advising there sucks.