Watts School of Nursing PSB test.


Can any one help me prepare for the PSB test at Watts School Of nursing? I have taken the test once and have to retake it on :crying2: 6/18/08 and I have been studying with the Allied School of Nursing Book. You only get to take the test twice. I really wont to get into this school. What do I need to do to pass this TEST. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!:crying2::crying2::crying2:


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I was considering Watts before looking into Duke's ABSN, and I still think the world of Watts' program--when I took took the test, I found it to be SAT styled... so it makes it kind of hard to prepare for--sorry. The reading comprehension part would be the hardest to "study" for since the skills it measures are gained over a long period of time.

Otherwise, I did find some prep sites online by google-ing "PSB test"


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I noticed that this was posted early June, so you may have already taken the PSB! If not, I found that the Nursing school and Allied Health Entrance Exams book, is a big help! I am a little confused on how to study for the exam, it seems like a lot of information!

If you already took the exam, do you have any study tips??

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