Water Resistant Barefoot and/or Minimalist Shoes (wide-toe box, no arch support)


I've been looking more and more into minimalist/barefoot shoes to wear for floor nuring.  I have wide, size 9 feet, with an extremely high instep and high arches.

I was going to get the comfiest, most supportive shoe I could find when I started coming across the minimalist shoes. Apparently, when we support the arches and compress our toes into traditional narrow shoes, we atrophy the muscles in our foot and we pay long-term consequences.

I have been looking into Lems, Vivobarefeet, Xero Shoes, Merrell, Astral etc. Finding it difficult to find something water-resistant.

I know it might seem crazy to want to try something that's going to be uncomfortable up front, but I figure with a period of adjustment and good compression socks, it might be worth it. 

Has anybody else tried them, found water-resistant ones, and what was your take?