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I was wondering if anyone on here has any information on the nursing program at Washtenaw Community College. I was wondering like how long the wit list was and if they do the NET or TEAS or what. Any information would be great.

You might want to post this under the regional category - there's a section for Michigan related stuff.

I don't have any info on WCC, but Schoolcraft's waitlist is up to 5 years now. Insane! For the most accurate info, it'd be best to contact the school and get the info right from them.

Oh ok thank you. I am new to the forum and didn't realize that there was a Michigan room here. Wow 5 years. I was actually thinking about going to Schoolcraft too because I took my emt basic, medic, and fire academy.

Right next to the "students" tab, is the "region" tab. Click on that and scroll down to Michigan. It's nice b/c the people looking through that tab are from Michigan and therefore know more about specific schools/programs than the general students tab.

And yes, a 5 year wait list is crazy. Now take this with a grain of salt. I heard that from a student that applied and found out that she won't get in until 2015. This was several months ago, so things could have changed, also, it was secondhand information. It doesn't hurt to make a call and ask. With the programs in such demand right now, it's a good idea to explore as many options as you can.

Good luck and welcome to allnurses. I think you'll find it to be an invaluable resource.

Are you in Washtenaw county? If so that means you're close to Toledo and they have a really good nursing program there. Both ADN and BSN. Its a really good program and you may want to look into it. Personally I think the waitlist thing is a waste of time, thats why I just decided to put my search efforts elsewhere. I know a few other people from SE MI looked into this school and decided to attend.

Its Mercy College.

Washtenaw Community College waitlist is 2 years long. They administer the TEAS test which you have to pass with a 60% but you have to pass each section with a minium score Reading 70%, Math 60%, Science 45%, and English 60% I believe. If you have a over all score of 60% but say you get 65% in Reading WCC will make you take the entire test again.

Pre reqs are A and P and Medical Terminology those are the only pre reqs they also want you to have your CNA, EMT Basic, Specilest, Paramedic, or LPN license and it must be current and up to date to complete the application packet. If you do not have any of those you have to take their CNA Class and get certified before you can apply.

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