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Anyone else who applied to WSU for Fall 2012? I filed my application on time (Jan 15, 2012), and got my transcripts to NursingCAS by the Feb 1, 2012 deadline. I just checked and it looks like... Read More

  1. by   Pleasant P
    Hey Tristan, question for ya! How do you get placed in clinicals? Do they give you dates and times and you pick OR they just put you into one? Are all the clinicals on the weekend? And are the clinicals only when you have classes or do they operate year round?

    Also, did you apply or know of any scholarships that are offered to nurses at the university? Do they offer different ones each semester? I'd like to know...

    Thanks in advance!
  2. by   TristanNicole
    You will get your clinical/seminar assignment when you get the information for the rest of your classes. Clinicals are on either Monday or Thursday so the day you don't have clinical you usually have free unless you have seminar that day (sometimes your clinical instructor will make you come into lab or something).

    Around November there will be a scholarship application due, if you google wsu college of nursing scholarships it should bring you the page with due date, application and questions, I highly encourage people to submit, there are a lot of scholarships and so by submitting one app its like apply for 50 or so different scholarship. The only bad part is you can't apply tell you've already started your first semester.

    Hope this help!
  3. by   Pleasant P
    Ohh this helps a bundle! I was trying to wait and wait for the information, but I have to travel in the fall and trying to figure out if I'll lose my weekends (I know it might be different when I start)! I am just glad that clinicals are offered during the week, not sure where I got the idea it was only on the weekends!

    Do you still have to do clinicals once you are out of school? Or the clinicals end when classes do?

    I did see that I couldn't apply for the scholarship that passed in March, I was kinda sad, but was thinking it makes sense for them to know us first, before they give us funding. Thanks a mil Tristan!
  4. by   TristanNicole
    Clinicals are only durning the school year, so like right now, I'm off for summer. So you get a summer and winter break.
  5. by   Pleasant P
    Ohh great! This helps me a lot. Thanks and take care Tristan!
  6. by   Broncoman
    Hi there!!

    I'm Brandon, I'm currently heading into my second semester at WSU College of Nursing in Yakima. You guys are in for an exciting first semester!! It's hectic and nerve-wracking at times, but it's also fun! You'll be amazed at how much you can learn in one short semester. You'll LOVE your clinical instructors and lab preceptors in Yakima, they are awesome!!
  7. by   lmb1
    Hi Brandon! I'm Laura and I'm starting my first semester in Yakima this fall. It's been a long journey so far, and I'm excited (as well as extremely nervous) to finally start the at the College of Nursing. Thanks for the encouraging post!
  8. by   TristanNicole
    Hey guys! How was your first week of J1?