Where should I apply????

  1. My husband has the opportunity to move to the south Seattle area (not Tacoma but another town that starts with a T) but it all depends on nursing schools there.

    Here's my college situation. I have finished all of my prerequisites for the college I am currently attending AND I will have my CNA certificate in April. I also have 1 1/2 years exp working in a hospital out/pt clinic and inpt rehab. I have completed A&P I & II, Microbiology, Intro Bio, Chemistry, Ethics, English (101 and 102), my electives (I was a previous music major). My current GPA is a 3.9 and I'm a member of PTK (two year college honor society).

    I'm wondering what my chances are of getting in to a community college up there especially coming from out of state. If I have to wait, I'm better off staying here where there is also a wait.

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    I would suggest searching online for all the Nursing programs close to that town and then call them and ask them if there is a wait to get in. Alot of schools use the GPA formula to decide on students, so I am sure you will be accepted quickly, but your going into an with a higher population so there is probably more applicants per program. Good Luck
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    I am in the Tacoma area near TCC. I was accepted to both TCC and Highline Community College. I chose to go to Highline because of all the wonderful things I heard about the support system from instructors. I have not regretted my choice. It is an excellant program. You will have to take Psych 101 and Lifespan Psych for both of these schools and you will have to take a proctored essay for Highline. TCC usually has a cutoff around 3.9 so you would be close. Highline has a point system. All of the required classes can give you up to a total of 24 points. There are 6 required courses. Just add up your GPA for each of those classes and you have your total. You then get 3 points because you are a CNA. The essay is what will make or break you. It is worth 6 points. The total points possible is 33. I believe the lowest points accepted this year was 29.9.