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  1. Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm a pre-nursing major in Fresno, CA. Almost done with my fourth semester in CSU Fresno. I got one more course to take in the Fall and will apply for nursing programs. My current GPA is 3.7. I want to transfer to WA, but not sure which nursing school should i apply and will get in. Any suggestions? Thanks
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  3. by   CrownHunter
    I live in the middle of no where in washignton, if you can handle small towns, and by small I mean less then 1000 people, this would be the best place to get into the nursing program. There hasnt been a waiting list in five years. (Aberdeen WA) Check out Grays Harbor Community College
  4. by   sacralciara
    Shoreline has a good ADN program; they admit quarterly, too.
  5. by   Jessica831
    Thanks Sacralciara. I appreciate your help. Best regards to you.
  6. by   lc3
    Hey Jessica,

    Depends on where you want to go. Do you want to do a 4yr BSN or 2yr AA degree? If you are transferring from a 4 year school I would look for universities since you would only need 2 years to complete a BSN. If you also want to practice in WA, I heard that many hospitials preferred BSN grads.

    There is several options in WA for BSN.
    1. University of Washington (very competitive)
    2. Seattle University (competitive)
    3. Seattle Pacific University (not sure)
    4. Washington State University (Pullman, WA) (not sure)
    5. Northwest University(kirkland, WA)

    Community colleges:
    1. Shoreline CC (competitive)
    2. Bellevue CC (competitive)
    3. Seattle Central (first-come first served)
    4. Highline CC

    By no means is this a complete list. Oh, and the majority of these schools are in the greater Seattle area, except for Washington State U. I actually prefer the seattle area. There are great hospitals and learning opportunties. Let me know if you want to know any specifics about these schools.

    I very familar with Seattle U, University of Washington and the community colleges.

  7. by   Jessica831
    :wink2: Hi Ic3!

    Thanks for your help. I am highly interested in Washington State Univ. I am currently a sophmore at California State Univer. of Fresno (4 yr. univ.). and I am planning to apply for the nursing programs (BSN) in fall for the entrance of Spring 2008. I am not sure how the process of applying differ in WA than to CA. Do I apply for the nursing program and then do the school registration?
  8. by   sacralciara
    WSU had me send my transcripts to their nursing advisor for evaluation before they sent me their nursing program app. For UW and WSU, you apply to both the college and the program, I don't remember SU's process.

    Shoreline CC's nursing program also evaluates transcripts separately and in addition to the school's general evaluation.

    I went through a few quarters at Seattle Central' program. I strongly suggest that you pour your best energies and effort into gaining admittance into any of the other area programs .
  9. by   bananabubbletea
    i checked seattle u website and they have a direct entry program and the minimum gpa is a 2.7
  10. by   lindarn
    Washington State is part of ICNE- Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education in Spokane. There are three colleges who are part of ICNE. You apply to the college you want to attend, but the tuition is the same for ICNE regardless of which college you apply to. There is also Gonzaga University that has a BSN and Masters program.

    Again, this is in Eastern Washington. The cost of living here is less than Seattle, and it is not as crowded here.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington
  11. by   lc3
    Quote from bananabubbletea
    i checked seattle u website and they have a direct entry program and the minimum gpa is a 2.7

    I thought for direct entry it needs to be a 3.0 since it is a grad program.

    Either way you will need way higher than 2.7 to get in. I think the average accepted GPA at SU is 3.6. I was able to get into their MEPN with 3.75

    Good luck!