WA State Health professional Scholarship Program?

  1. I am still about two years away from actually applying to nursing school, but since I already have a Bachelors degree and a decent paying job, financial aid will be limited for me. Has anyone applied for or been awarded this scholarship that can tell me a little more about it? I am having problems getting the contact person listed on the website to answer my questions!
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  3. by   TristanT
    Is that the one where you have to get hired at an eligible place of employment (usually working with underserved populations) and then apply for student loan repayment? I know a couple of people who have attempted that program and have been rejected--even though the employer was deemed eligible...

    If you have a career now, think long and hard about going into nursing school. There are very few jobs for new grads. And unless you were providing patient care (CNA, MA, EMT), your previous experience means nothing to nurse recruiters.