Univ of Wa School of Nursing - Fall 2007

  1. Greeting everyone,

    I'm among one of the applicants for SONUW of Fall2007. Is anyone else out there wandering around this forum?

    Proctored Essay dates are of Feb 20 and 21st. Did anyone receive an invitation for it yet?

    I'm anxious and waiting for your news. Thank you.

    Best regards & sincere to you& loved ones,

    Greetings again everyone: any updating regards your application? Thanks
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  3. by   lc3

    Proctored Essay invitations go out the 15th and should be sent through email.

  4. by   hiep
    Thanks LC3 for that information. Was it for BSN though? or MN?

    Best regards & sincere,

    Addendum: Nevermind, I just saw updated information on the web itself. Thanks though.
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  5. by   lisal11
    I am also in the applicant pool for Fall '07 BSN program. I'm anxious to see what I get in my email box by this Friday. There are a lucky few who will get acceptance emails! Good luck!
  6. by   hiep
    Greetings to you Lisa;

    How're you & your loved ones? lc3 had informed me that they already sent out emails as early as last week to applicants. For me, while at the clinic, I received the email regards the Essay Session; it's great news!

    It's one step closer for me to be a nurse, which is my dream.

    I shared the news with my mother and my beloved honey; they had flu since last week but they're now happily enjoy the news with me.

    I wish you good lucks too and please send my most sincere wish to you & family due to up coming events: Valentine and our Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebration.

  7. by   lisal11
    It's stressful waiting for an email but myself and my family remain hopeful.

    Wow, emails were already sent out as early as last week? I spoke with the nursing office on Friday of last week and they said that no emails had been sent out as of 2/9. The person I spoke to said they expected to start sending them this week.

    Congrats on getting your email!! When did you get it? I assume you've been asked to write the essay.

    Congrats again and best of luck to everyone!
  8. by   hiep
    Dear Lisa,

    I can't tell when they sent out the emails but LC3 confirmed that they sent earlier than the announcement date on website.

    I received the email yesterday (the 12th) while at work, around afternoon (3pm), the email invited me to attend the Essay Session. I'm prepared & ready for it next week. Please share the news if you heard anything. Thanks.

    Good lucks & sincere,

    ***I'm sorry to chit chat alot on here, I'm right at the point my life feeling so happy.
  9. by   lisal11
    Well unfortunately I did not get accepted to UW. All is not completely lost, I'm still applying to two other schools.

    Honestly, it makes no sense why I was turned down because I met all their listed qualifications in spades. They listed the reasons why they were eliminating some people and I do not meet any of them.

    I had 4 of the science curricullum with a GPA of 4.0
    I was working in healthcare as a social worker no less than a little over a year ago and was in the profession for 5 years.
    I respoded to their personal statement and clearly articulated my desire to become a nurse.
    My application packet was complete (doubled checked it several times).

    I'm stumped. The only reason why I can think that they were not interested is because I'm a post-bac student.
  10. by   lc3
    Hi Lisa,

    That is probably it. I think they only accept 2-4 bost bacc students and those post-bac students have to be extremely extra-ordinary (not saying that your not, but really what they define as is). I think you would have had a better chance applying to UW's MEPN. Did you apply to that? Did you apply to Seattle U? Anyhow, its tough waiting, but UW is not the end all be all. I'm sure you will get into other schools! Your credentials sound awesome.

    Good Luck,
  11. by   lisal11
    Wow 2-4 post bacs? If I had known that in the first place I wouldn't have applied because probability of acceptance is so low.

    I looked into UW's MEPN program and was definately interested but it was not in my budget. After tuition expenses, fees, etc... the cost is nearly 40k for the first 5 quarters. My lender is not willing to give me that much and the school does not offer fellowships/TA/RA positions during the first year to compensate for extra costs. Even after extensive reseach into scholarships I realized I would not be able to afford the MEPN program.

    It was pretty much the same problem with SU. It's just too expensive because its a private school.

    My hopes were riding on UW because it was within my budget and I will have met all their program requirements (all 6 courses) by March. This would give me time to work for a while before starting the program in the Fall.

    Now, I am applying to Lake Washington Tech and Shoreline. Unfortunately, this means I will have to take another quarter of course work (CNA courses) in order to meet their requirements. That pretty much kills my ability to work more hours at my job this spring before classes start in the fall (I teach so I need to find other work in the summer). In addition to wanting to get into the BSN program, I really needed to work this spring, so this UW decision was kind of huge for me.

    Hopefully, Lake Washington and Shorline won't hold my post-bac status against me like it appears UW did.

    Thanks for the info! Are you in a nursing program in WA currently?
  12. by   hiep
    dear lisa,
    i believe the admission committee have had a hard time to make the decision regards your application. you're thoughtful to have applied to other schools. i only applied to uw due to my own love for its medical centers (i been in er room couple times). so i put everything i had onto my application for uw of the upcoming autumn07 year.

    if i was you, i'd contact uwson's advisor directly and ask questions "how to make myself a stronger application for next year", "what did i miss or lack of", etc. i strongly believe the advisor will sit with you thoroughly on the application. that'd help on enhancing the application for other schools as well.

    i'm sorry i need to get back to work (my lunch is almost over). i wish you happy valentine day.

    best regards & sincere,

    **try again next year, i'd not hesitate to give it another try, especially talking with the advisor. it's important not to make assumptions though.

  13. by   lisal11

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. I do hope to hear more in the future from UW about my application. I've sat and processed the whole situation and think that my post-bac status is the main problem. I can't do anything to change being a post-bac. The only thing I could have done better would have been to put in numerous voluteer hours here or in another country. Quite honestly, I don't have the time or money to do volunteer work like that, so I probably will never be an exceptional post-bac candidate for UW. I'm sure I'll hear more in the future but as of now, they are not accepting inquiries until April.

    I think I'll try and go with the community colleges for now. I don't want to wait another whole year to try and get into UW. Whether I go to UW or a community college it's still 2 years for me to get the RN. If I want a BSN in the future, there is a one year UW Bothell program made for working RN's. I could also do an RN (associates) direct to MN program at UW Seattle. It is easier to get into those programs once you're already a nurse.

    Best, best, best of luck on your essay. I hope you get in! Happy Valentines!
  14. by   hiep
    Greetings again lc3 and Lisa,

    First, I'd like to greet Happy Holidays to you all. It had been once exceptional long week since I was invited. I'm tapping my fingers and screaming in my head that I'm going to write the proctored essay.
    One thing that bothers me is my hair & dressing, should I get a haircut prior to attending the session? I never had paid attention to my own look but I had prepared everything in my own abilities to become a nurse. I thought by getting proper suite & a haircut would show respect to staff & other applicants. May I just wear long shirt, khaki pants? I've no suite at home.

    Please give any suggestion that you have. Thanks so much & Happy Lunar New Year (which is similar to Thanksgivings).

    Best regards & sincere,