Thinking of switching careers - what school for CNA?

  1. Hey everyone,

    I graduated with my BA from the UW this past December. I'm currently working a full-time job at a start up in Sales. I'm 21 right now - if I would have not gotten a job offer I wanted to do Nursing and even before, when deciding for a major I really did want to do Nursing, however, getting into UW's program seemed close to impossible and I was told to consider Law school by those close to me.

    I want to get my CNA license and start a CNA class this March/Spring quarter. I'm not sure if I should quit my current job ($12/hour) but I thought I could talk to my employer and see that if I do a CNA class and work part-time afterwards as a CNA and in Sales. Not sure if this can be accomplished but I just want to see whether I really love Nursing before getting rid of my other job.

    Is there a school in Seattle close to the U-district that has a good program that also isn't full-time? Or if it is ... I guess I'll have to decide now.

    Please let me know if you have any advice/experience! I was looking to work as a CNA - and work at my current job and if I would love working as a CNA I would go ahead and pursue a BSN through UW or WSU or work my way up to LPN and RN-BSN.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Hmarie12
    My story is similar to yours, I got my bachelors in 2012 and decided to go back for nursing. I took my CNA class in Tukwila at the Nursing Assistant Training School. It's just down the road from South Center Mall. I was still finishing up my bachelor's at the time and was able to take a 5-week course from 6-10pm 3 nights a week. The class was fairly easy and we had clinicals at a nursing home in Seattle afterwards (You'd have to be able to take a week off of work for this, luckily mine was during my spring break). Then as a CNA, you could work day, evening or night shifts at nursing homes and in hospitals. The pay is usually a little better in hospitals (especially if you work night shift) but it's hard to get these jobs without experience. You'd probably make $10-$12 starting out in a nursing home and part time is usually available. Good luck! It's a great way to be sure nursing is right for you! You could also check out volunteer opportunities at the hospital.