Swedish August Residency 2018

  1. Just wondering if anyone else has applied to the Swedish nurse residency for August 2018?
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  3. by   natRN BSN
    Hi! I've applied and I got the email to do an online interview through HireVue last week. I haven't heard anything back though. Have you heard anything from them?
  4. by   Taylorlb
    I just did a interview on Hirevue for providence olympia last week. Havent heard anything yet but I'm hoping and praying. I'm an out of state new grad and just hoping someone takes me in a new grad program!
  5. by   emily122
    I also had a hirevue interview for swedish last week! I haven't heard anything back since and I'm wondering how long it typically takes for them to contact us regarding second interviews?

    Taylorlb, I think the hospital you applied to is different than Swedish? I could be wrong though! I'm also an out of state new grad!!
  6. by   natRN BSN
    I am also out of state! I am coming from California, what about you guys?
  7. by   emily122
    I am coming from Ohio!
  8. by   ki3t
    One or two weeks ago, I did the video interview. A couple days later, a hiring staff emailed me to do on-site interview for my top choice specialty. I'm waiting for him to coordinate a interview day/time for late May.
  9. by   natRN BSN
    Congratulations! That's awesome! Did you have to submit your references? Anybody else hear anything back? I got an email to submit references a couple of days ago so now I'm just waiting.
  10. by   emily122
    I've gotten a few emails from the recruiter about interview opportunities but none of them have been in my top choice. I was told that there are no more NICU interview positions open at this point...

    @ki3t, do you mind me asking what your top choice specialty is? Congrats on getting an interview in your top choice!!! That's so exciting!
  11. by   Lomart
    I submitted my hirevue interview yesterday morning and got an email today about an in person interview for my second choice!
  12. by   ElleR824
    Coming from Tennessee! I applied in March and did my hirevue interview then as well. So far I have received 2 emails about an in-person interview for 2 different departments in the last 2 weeks.
  13. by   natRN BSN
    I have an interview set up on 5/17. Can anybody shed any light on the type of questions they ask?
  14. by   Lomart
    A ton of behavioral questions! What unit is your interview for?