St Joseph Hospital in Bellingham

  1. Hi! I just want to ask anyone out there that has heard or worked in St. Joseph Hospital in Bellingham regarding their working environment. Are the nurse well treated and are they getting fair wage? Plan to move their next summer and i dont want to accept the job offer yet unless I am sure that I will land in a good hospital.
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  3. by   Perpetual Student
    Not exactly firsthand info, but I heard from my grandmother that a friend of hers works there and likes it. I also was born there in the 80s, but I don't remember anything about the place.
  4. by   anticoagulationurse
    I work outpatient for St Joe's. Inpatient, the nurses are union (WSMA) but outpatinet is not and I wish it was! In the big house (inpatient) shifts are 8's for the most part. I think the NTP ratio is up to 8 patients depending on floor. I like the mission of the hospital but it's not without it's corporate issues. They seem to be buying out many of the previously private practices in town and they are the only hosptial for 35 miles so they will have a nice humungous monopoly soon. The wages they pay are not compensational to the very high cost of living in the Bellingham area. They have good benefits, and also pay for schooling. There are absolutely no chances for a merit based pay raise, ever. Other than that, I do think they are a good company to work for. Could be better. Could be a lot worse. They are, unfortunately, very wrapped up in corporate schmorporate silliness which I thing tends to muddle efficiency and make everyone's wages lower (due to paying for completely un-necessary executive salaries). But what hospital doesn't? I really do thing the nurses are unfairly compensated based on industry averages.
  5. by   URGR8T
    I work at St Joseph hospital, and we NEVER take 8 patients, EVER! The ratio is actually 5:1 for days & evenings, and 7:1 for night shift-that is every floor...Except of course specialty areas like ICU,CVU etc where you take even less...Salaries are not merit based, and it is a requirement to join the WSNA-which means no profit sharing like the rest of the hospital...Its hospital work, its tough...Just like every other hospital out there
  6. by   URGR8T
    St. Joes no longer pays for schooling! They recently stopped in the last couple years...Which is quite unfortunate since I am in school currently..with the buy out on Madrona-It is DEFINITELY a monopoly...Not only that but a lot of nurses are stuck there because it is the only hospital in town-as opposed to Seattle with many other choices...
  7. by   mendoza70
    I worked at St Joes for 2 weeks. i am a veteran Rn with 30+ years experience. I have lots of knowledge. I was dropped kicked for MCU by **** after 2 yes 2 weeks, not even on the floor yet.. Why.. well she said" not a good fit" does that equal ageism or what? How can you say some one is not a good fit after 3 weeks. I also was subjected to intimidation by others by yelling at me. statements whispered " watch out" after seeing my badge. And racist comments about the president.. Imagine that !so I say to you if you accept a position at St Joes; especially on MCU with the manager Karin Luce. " watch out"
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  8. by   NURSE NICE
    DO NOT WORK THERE!!! IT IS HORRIBLE!!! She comes off as all nice and pleasant but gives nice a bad name! What a croc! I know of at least 4 nurses who got fired for suspicion of diversion, even though they all tested negative right away! If Karen Luce or HR has even one complaint from one of their goody goody nurses that have been there forever or a young nurse that skips lunches and doesn't complain, look out, my friend - kiss your job and possibly career goodbye. WAY too much work that patient ratios are 5, 6, or even 7 or 8 to 1 RN, and the acuity is down-right SCARY! You are setting yourself up for a lawsuit if you work there - PLEASE go anywhere else than there! EEEEKKKKK! Not fun...