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  1. Hi Everybody:

    I applied to two schools--SPSCC and Centralia College. I just got accepted to Centralia College's program (yessssssssss) and I am waiting word from SPSCC. I have to work while in school and SPSCC has hybrid classes (a combo of online and in-class components) which can give me a little breathing room for work. Of course, I need more out of program than just that.

    Both schools have good reputations, but, does anyone know how well the prep is for NCLEX testing (for both LPN & RN)? That is, on a personal level. I know WA state has a site for the stats ( http://www.doh.wa.gov/hsqa/Professio...ngPrograms.htm )(Thanks whymara)

    Also, if you have gone throught either program, how well do you think the school you went to prepared you for the job.

    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   lovetowork
    I know a couple of people that are in the RN program now at Centralia College. From what they have told me, they have a good nursing program. I went to SPSCC and graduated 8 years ago. They had a good program then but I'm not sure how it is now. I felt they prepared me well. I had worked several years as an LPN prior to returning to school which I think really helped me when it came time to do clinicals.
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    Thank you for your input!

    As it turns out, SPSCC has hybrid classes (classroom and online components). This turned out to be the deciding factor for me because I still need to work. The flexibility is hard to beat.

    Thank you again!
  5. by   lovetowork
    My daughter is considering Centralia College. May I ask how long you were on the waiting list before you were accepted. My daughter is taking A&PII now and I am a little concerned because she got a 2.9 in A&PI. I have heard you need to get a higher grade than this to get accepted. Congratulations on getting in to the SPSCC program. Good luck to you!
  6. by   makeitwork
    As I understand it, Centralia does not have a waiting list that lasts past the start of the program each year. Your daughter would have to reapply each time if she doesn't get in. They have a requirement of at least 2.75 for A & P classes. I feel bad saying this, but, I think she may need to do a bit better. This process is so competitive that a 2.9 may not be enough.

    http://www.centralia.edu/academics/nursing/RNPN.doc is the webpage you want to look at.

    I wish her the best with this and suggest that your daughter apply to as many colleges that she can practically commute to.
  7. by   lovetowork
    Thank-you so much for the information.