1. Hello everyone. I will be moving to Spokane soon and I wanted to know does anyone know if any of the community colleges or schools have a LPN to RN bridge program. I looked online...but they weren't very clear. Just was curious if any of you know of any. And do any of you know how much LPNs make in Spokane? Thanks!
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  3. by   coffeeaddict
    Spokane Community Collage has a bridge program. Not sure about the requirments. Also most of the hospitals dont hire LPNs, but that changes from time to time.
  4. by   GILady
    I just recently graduated from Spokane Community College's LPN-RN program. Basically they just put you in with their nursing program at the appropriate point. It takes three quarters or nine months to finish. Depending on how recently you graduated with your LPN they may want you to retake certain classes, like L&D or psych. Give them a call and find out, I knw they only have a few spots to take LPN's.
    LPN's generally make $16-18/hr in LTC in Spokane, less in doctors offices. The hospitals are not hiring them at the moment.
  5. by   RB11909
    I was also thinking about Spokane Community College. I think I have also heard something like they are trying to phase out LPN's now and only have RN's? Well, hope that helps!
  6. by   calamity79
    Spokane Community does have an LPN to RN program. Deaconess and the VA both hire LPN's. Sacred Heart does not.

    Good luck to you
  7. by   Jocie
    Just across the border in idaho...North Idaho college has a bridge program as well!!! about 30 min from spokane