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  1. Greetings,
    I have a bachelors in a non-nursing field and recently applied to the Seattle U MSN (APNI) program. I was just wondering if there are folks out there that received any form on update regarding their application?? Also, does one have an idea of the types of interview questions to expect at the interview (assumming that everything does not go your way in the beginning). I am sure it will be something along the less the lines of group interview where they try to drill you w/questions. All the best future Rns/ARNPs........etc
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  3. by   icelind
    Hey benchpress, I've also applied to the program but haven't heard anything besides the initial "we've received your application and will let you know later" letter. I was also wondering which questions and asked it on another discussion thread:
    If you skip to the end of the thread (page 9 i think) you'll find a good number of questions. Plenty of questions to start looking at/being prepared for. Best of luck!
  4. by   benchpresslbs
    Fellow applicant, thanks for the reply and link to interview questions. That is really helpful. Is it Fall term yet? I cant wait to get into the program & hit the ground running. Oh well, time will tell! All the best to you & the rest of the APNI applicants!
  5. by   benchpresslbs
    It looks like the msn/apni applications are in the finishing stages. I just got an email from the Director of Grad Admission........
    Nursing faculty will be finishing their review of your application materials around the beginning of February then meeting to determine which applicants will be invited to interview for the program. For your planning purposes, please note we are planning to conduct interviews between February 23 - March 2.
  6. by   Mwaskub
    Hi Everyone,
    I have a BS in a non-nursing field but my GPA is slightly below 3.0. I have taken some post-bacc classes and my GPA is really high. What are my chances of getting in? Does anyone know the average GPA of those getting into the program?