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New Grad RN OR Consortium

  1. Hi! New grad BSN, RN here. I'm moving to Seattle from the East Coast this July. I'm interviewing with a hospital that participates in the OR Consortium soon and was wondering if anyone had tips for the interview process or could shed some light on the training, pros/cons of OR nursing, etc.
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    I don't know anything about the OR Consortium, but I worked at a hospital that participated in the ICU Consortium. It seemed to be a bit more education for new grads and some support in transitioning from the student role to the RN role. As far as the interview process, when we interview new grads we're looking for someone we want to work with; we don't expect you to actually KNOW anything. We want someone who will be a dependable employee, someone who can get along with others and someone who will fit into the team rather than expect the team to accomodate her preferences. We know we can teach you the job, but we cannot teach you to be a good employee. Be ready with a few questions for the interviewers, but I'm sure you already know all of that.

    I loved Seattle, and I just wanted to congratulate you on your move. I'd love to go back!
  4. by   ThePeachyRN
    Thank you, Ruby Vee, I'll try to do my research
  5. by   NikkiRNBSN
    Hi I also applied for Swedish OR Consortium. I already had in person interview last week. Has anyone here already had interview?? Im a little bit anxious on when the they will email me back. How long will it be after the interview?
  6. by   NikkiRNBSN
    Which area/department of OR will u have interview with? General, uro, ortho, neuro, outpatient?
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  7. by   ThePeachyRN
    I'm interviewing with General for a different hospital this week! If you don't mind me asking, what sort of questions did they ask you/ how did yours go? trying to prepare as best I can!
  8. by   NikkiRNBSN
    Usually the behavioral questions at first. Describe yourself, why OR nursing, ur strength/weakness, conflicts, etc. And then they will ask about your OR experience/clinicals. What would be scrub or circu nurse duties. Mine took about 40mins. It depends if you have panel or just few interviewers will be. I only have few. And if u dont mind, which hospital are u having intervw with? Is the consortium ur applying is NPWC(north pcific west) or UW?
  9. by   RNchel

    I am a current OR nurse relocating to Seattle in November. Keep us posted on your interview process. I'm curious what hospitals you interviewed at, and if you have toured them.

    Im looking for a hospital with a good robotics program!

    Please share you experience