Hopeful Seattle U BSN Transfer student for Fall 2011, help!

  1. Hello, I am currently living in Colorado and in the process of applying to BSN programs, SU being my #1 choice. I am 27 and do not have a previous degree but have all of my pre-req's and core req's complete for the SU program with exception to 2 of the core requirements (Intro to History and Intro to Literature). I am hoping for some insight from recently accepted students or current students, as to what helped them or how they feel I fare? Like I mentioned, I will be transferring in with at least 90 Quarter Semester Hours (if they accept them), I have a 3.96 gpa (all completed in 5 semesters around the clock, not Quarters), National Honor Society member, approx. 50-60 volunteer hours combined from Planned Parenthood and St. Anthony's Hospital, as well as being a Night/Day Nanny for the last 5 or so years to Newborn Twins, some with health problems. I am extremely stressed out due to how competitive every BSN program is. Please if anyone is out there to help me or give me advice on how to seperate myself from others in my essays, or offer advice on ways to make my resume' better...I'd more than appreciate it! Thank you and I hope someone can help me!!!!
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  3. by   AnonymousNurse45
    I was accepted to OHSU BSN program from the alternate list two weeks ago. Essay was a requirement for the admission there, and I feel that my experience as a CNA gave me unique insight into nursing. If I did not have that experience, I would have nothing to write about. There are other experiences that will help you gain the understanding of nursing profession, but the degree of relevancy might vary.
    As a CNA with almost 3 years of experience, I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly side of nursing. Due to the high turn over rate, I had exposure to dozens of nurses, which allowed me to conceptualize what a good nurse should be like.

    I am just sharing my experience. Some schools look strictly at the GPA, and you have nothing to worry about in that department.
    Good luck to you
  4. by   lovedogs31
    Hi there,
    I will be applying to SU's BSN program this fall. I am wondering if you have any insight on the application process? I am so nervous and I would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Tracy