HELP! How does an out of state new grad get noticed?

  1. I am relocating from Louisiana and have several applications in for residencies all over, but feel that I'm not being noticed because I'm from out of state. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me land and interview? I know the market is rough, but I've seen a few new grad spots....they just don't seem to want anyone from outside the circle. It doesn't seem fair, but I'm going to keep trying!! I can't move my family until I have a job! Thanks for ANY info or help anyone can give!
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  3. by   wsuRN09
    Get as many certifications as you can (PALS, ACLS etc.) to help make yourself stand out, the WA market for new grads is really competitive right now. Almost half of my class I graduated with back in december (that have stayed in WA) are still looking for a job. Have you called HR to follow up on your applications? It stinks but you need to be aggressive, almost stalker-ish and talk to people. They remember you and your name more if they have talked with you. Good luck
  4. by   baschaff
    Thanks....I've tried to call Swedish but I can't get to the HR department, they only transfer me to someone to help fill out an online application. It seems difficult to talk to anyone in HR anywhere. You'd think with a nursing "shortage" we wouldn't have to harass people to get jobs! It's a shame because I can't wait to start work....

    I'm also going to apply at Auburn, know anything about them?