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  1. Hi all, looking for advice and info! I'm a Northern Cal (newer) ER nurse moving to the Tacoma area in the next few months looking for a busy ER with a great team and work environment. We are relocating due to husband's work; I love my current workplace and work team. I've looked on glassdoor and other websites, but was hoping to get real feedback about local jobs so I can find the right workplace. I've done some research and am leaning towards Providence St. Peter's and St. Joseph/Tacoma General, but am definitely open to other locations. I would welcome any help or feedback you can provide! Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   SaraGriffy
    Providence St. Peter is magnet status I know. I actually took my kid to the ER there last week ON MEMORIAL DAY (RLQ pain). Clean, friendly, fairly fast service (We were there about 3.5 hr with u/s and labs). Definitely a teaching hospital as I had a medical student interview us and also a nurse tech that had to be coached through inserting an IV for my kid (That was hard to allow but I didn't say anything....we all learned somehow!) Tacoma General isn't magnet, but they are hiring per diem which is what I need.....I have an interview with TG Monday. If I was able to work full time, which is what PSP is hiring for, I would go there. The MD that saw us was super nice and told me to apply and that she used to be an RN before going to medical school. Seemed like a great place.
  4. by   St.BaptistRN
    If you want busy, st joe is good. During flu season they had pts in the hallways. It occasionally looks like a disaster zone with all the admits and delays