Edmonds CC PN Fall 2013 Program...Anyone else admitted or know about this program?

  1. Hello all nurses at Allnurses!

    My question is about Edmonds Community College, north of Seattle. Just two days ago I received the acceptance letter from the only nursing program of my choice. I know that around 20 other students have also been admitted to this lpn program. I applied because it's so close to home, and I liked the hybrid class structure. After about a year or so of fearing never getting into nursing school I don't know whether I'm more excited or relieved to have gotten in! However, I have to wonder - why have I heard nothing about Edmonds? Is it a good program, a bad one, how are the teachers, etc. This program recently just received approval so I'm wondering maybe that's why there's nothing to be told about it...

    Any feedback would be great, thanks.


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  3. by   kristiesin
    They are a new program. Congrats and good luck
  4. by   mommanurse73

    Did you end up going thru this program? If so, how was it? I have applied so am wondering what to expect.