Bellevue college fall 2017

  1. Greetings!
    I wanted to start a page to see who else has applied to the Fall 2017 cohort, and some advice from alumni! I am interested to see what GPA's and test scores you guys have. I haven't been able to find much when it comes to stats on that kind of stuff.
    I got a 93.3% on my TEAS and a 3.76 prereq gpa and I'm wondering what my chances are.

    Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   Bhex

    I was just considering starting a page for fall 2017!

    Considering they moved to a point system, I believe that will have the most bearing on whether someone gets in or not. That said, your teas score and GPA are good

    I got a 90 on the TEAS and prereqs are 3.96
  4. by   lunamc

    How many points does everyone have since now they've started a point system?! I've spoken with the program manager and she stated that the average TEAS score was around an 84-85 and the average prereq GPA was 3.5. It's sounds like you have a very good shot since you are above average in both the TEAS and GPA though!

    I have 12 points with a score of 86.7 on the TEAS and an overall/prereq GPA of 4.0.
    I don't know if 12 points is enough to get into the program especially since this is the first time they've done selection this way.
  5. by   Bhex
    Helllllllllloooooo out there
  6. by   Bhex
    No one else applying?
  7. by   Bhex
  8. by   Bhex
    Almost time for those letters to come out
  9. by   pnw.mercedee
    Hi there!

    I also applied for fall 2017, current pre-req GPA is 3.6 and TEAS 84.6. Any idea when the letters are coming out?
  10. by   Bhex

    I was told that they spend all of April looking through the applications and then they start sending out in May.
  11. by   TiffanyS824
    Hey there! Looks like not many people have found this forum yet! I'm freaking out, eagerly awaiting my letter. And admittedly I'm a little relieved to see that no one seems to have been notified yet either.
    You all have great gpas and TEAS scores!
    I have a 3.7 and scored an 84.
    I can't remember my points, but I don't have any work experience other than the training for my NAC certification. (This is what I'm most nervous about.)

    Good luck everybody
  12. by   TiffanyS824
    Let's hope, Bhex
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  13. by   pnw.mercedee
    Ahhh! Eagerly awaiting some sort of letter in the mail! Has anyone heard anything yet? The suspense is crucial!
  14. by   lunamc
    Program manager told me that they send the letters out Mid-May so hopefully we can be expecting them soon! I've still been checking for a letter since the beginning of May though! haha.