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  1. Any BC students? I've been accepted for Winter 2011, just wondering if there are any of my future classmates here .
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  3. by   Bandaide
    I'm in for the Fall 2010 class. But since my Mom just died, and my brother isn't doing well physically, I'm not sure I'll be able to go. I may have to reapply next year.
  4. by   Shrub1997
    I was just wondering if either of you know what the lowest TEAS score accepted for 2010 was. I just applied for 2011 and want to have an idea if I should wait until April to find about about Bellevue or apply at another school for this spring. Bellevue is my first choice. Hope you are enjoying the program! Thanks for any info you have.
  5. by   Bandaide
    I haven't heard what the lowest was, but the average was 92. I had an 86, so I'm definitely below average. Luckily, it hasn't been a predictor of my grades. Good luck with your application.
  6. by   grownuprosie
    Bandaide- You and i have been given very different information.

    I went to a Nursing Information meeting a few weeks ago at BC. We were told by the department head that the average TEAS scores of the cohorts were:

    Fall 2010- 90%
    Winter 2011- 85%

    Are you thinking of the percentile maybe? I applied for the 2011 Fall/ 2012 Winter entry. If my info is right, then i am confident in my score. if your info is right, then i am getting nervous. Wish me luck!

    I will see you there Shrub1997!
  7. by   Bandaide
    I could be mistaken. Since I was already in, it wasn't a statistic that I was focused on. Good luck with getting in. It's such a relief to have that part over with!
  8. by   hopefulinseattle
    I just found out today that I'm in for the winter quarter. I'm very excited!
    Do you know if there are classes or clinicals during the summer quarter for the program?