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Hi everyone! I just got accepted into Bates Technical College for their LPN Fall 2011 class. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I am about to start looking for books and things...Is there... Read More

  1. by   joyousdg
    Well I hope it (my note) works, if they are so specific they should provide a form, right? Anyway the letter said I "may start nursing school without any limitations" but I will call tomorrow and make sure that is ok. My dentist is giving me the form they usually use for preschoolers to get in/ the only form they have there.
    I was thinking of bridging into an RN program as well when I am done. I have my BA in a non nursing field and originally I was applying to entry level masters programs to become a nurse practitioner however I only applied to one program and didn't get accepted. So after my LPN I will see what kind of work I can find while I apply for RN programs and then I may either go back to pursuing the ARNP or physicians assistant maybe. I will start here at Bates for now and take it a day at a time. I have no uniform yet, or books or anything, So this is me scrambling
    I know it will all work out in the end but this late notice is kind of a challenge. Better late than never right? Thank you so much for all your help, I really appreciate it.
  2. by   ladynesh
    You are welcome. They do have a form. Mine didn't come in my packet, so when I went up there to turn in all my paperwork, I had to go all the way back to the dentist & doctor for them to sign form, but I didn't have anything from the beginning. I dont see why it shouldn't work tho, its basically the same thing. You will be fine, once u are in, u will feel better. Just make sure u say hello on the first day of class
  3. by   mbschloss
    Hi Ladies! I'm going to be in the class right after you! I will start Bates Spring 2012! I'm also looking to bridge to RN and finish with a BSN. Do you have any useful tips for preparing? Any information is appreciated! I hope you are doing great in your classes!
  4. by   ladynesh
    Quote from mbschloss
    Hi Ladies! I'm going to be in the class right after you! I will start Bates Spring 2012! I'm also looking to bridge to RN and finish with a BSN. Do you have any useful tips for preparing? Any information is appreciated! I hope you are doing great in your classes!
    Hi and congrats on ur acceptance into the LPN program. I would suggest u to refresh urself in ur math, metric system & proportions/fractions the most. Also, if u don't have one, grab a NCLEX PN book and start studying those questions, most of ur Pharmacology test will be worded this way. Also invest in a digital recorder 4 class. So you can record ur lessons. Have u gotten ur supplies & books yet?
  5. by   mbschloss
    I have my immunizations taken care of, that's about all. I have until Dec. 2nd to get everything submitted. I will get my book list once everything is in. I would definitely be interested in used books, if you have any you would resell by that point!
  6. by   ladynesh
    Did you do ur background check & ur Liability Insurance completed? Also you need to make sure you have COPIES of ur CPR card, HIV Training, Car Insurance, Drivers License, Medical Insurance, CNA License or Certificate. Not originals b/c they will send u away. I would recommend you to start getting ur books on Amazon, that's where I got mine and I paid about 350 total for all my books compared to what I would of paid in the Bookstore....
  7. by   mbschloss
    I know this sounds really bad, but I haven't done the background or Insurance yet, just because TCC has their Winter drawing at the end of next week. I know its an extreme long shot to be picked, but I figure on that 3% chance I will hold out just the one week. Just because its a specific school code and $103 ! I did already get my needed vaccinations signed off on, and have copies of HIV & CNA. I'm registered to take the CPR course Nov. 9th! I'm current on DL/Health/Car Insurance so that's not an issue. I also have made my Dr appt for physical sign off. I looked at books on Amazon, but I was hesitant to order anything, because I only have the list posted on the Bates website and I'm not positive if those book Editions are current for the course! I definitely know I don't want to pay bookstore pricing! I do have one question... shoes! It says polishable... is anyone wearing sneakers with mesh, like a New Balance?
  8. by   ladynesh
    You have time just don't wait too long. Bg check takes abt 5 days r so. Insurance can be 1 day turn over. Shoes, as long as they white and can be wiped off basically. That list won't change been accurate for awhile but took abt 2 weeks 4 my books 2 get here frm Amazon so just make sure u keep that in mind
  9. by   ladynesh
    Okay just a quick update. I survived 1st and 2nd quarter of LPN program. I am now officially a senior at Bates. I struggled so hard in Cardio for some reason. But God was with me and I made it through. Now starting this week, on Thursday, I will be in 3rd quarter along with most of my class. We made it thru together as a group and we will stay together. I will keep my head up and stay focused. I can not fail out this close to completion. If anyone has any advice for me, I'm all ears.....
  10. by   condanchri
    Ladynesh - you are such a positive role model for me!! I went to the Information Session last Thursday, was offered a spot in the current Spring 2012 cohort by last Friday, and am now sitting here, having been through orientation and the first day of actual classes (one week from the info session). To say that I'm a bit freaked would be an understatement :-) . You're success gives me hope - thank you!!
  11. by   libaysp12
    Hello. I got into the Spring 2012 but dropped the class so now I have textbooks that I need to sell.
  12. by   ladynesh
    Just an update. I made it through and start 4th quarter tomorrow. I am so happy with myself, I feel a great accomplishment getting as far as I have. Now just gotta make it through 4th quarter, and Im home free.