Attn nclex applicants in wa...

  1. i was just informed that washington state nursing care quality assurance commission has changed the nclex testing...policies
    a candidate can now sit for the exam unlimited times until he/she passes the nclex....however they must wait 45 days after testing to retake the exam...:typing
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  3. by   Perpetual Student
    That's a bit scary in a way. I'm not sure I'd want someone who took more than say 4-5 attempts taking care of me without some serious remedial education.

    Here's a somewhat related question I have for people waiting to take (or who have recently taken) the NCLEX: how long is the nursing commission taking to process the certificates of graduation these days? In other words, how long after your graduation date have you waited for your authorization to test?

    Back when I became an LPN almost three years ago I waited for 12 days and ended up taking the NCLEX-PN about 4 weeks after my graduation date. I'm hoping that it doesn't take much longer for me to take the NCLEX-RN this summer--I'm eager to start making more money!
  4. by   malenurz
    they process the paperwork following graduation. I graduated recently, and within 72 hours of graduation, I had my ATT to take the NCLEX.
  5. by   Perpetual Student
    Yay, I got my ATT. Now I'm just bummed that the testing centers are booked so far in advance. Grrr.
  6. by   rachix
    Thanks for this info I live in WA and didnt know this had chaged. This is great news!